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Use this form to submit more two truths and a lie for the website. The submitted statements should not be personal, those belong to a separate section of the site. The statements submitted through this form are added to the random part of our website which contains general statements (statements which are about general topics).

Examples of General statements are:

Example 1

TruthEminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time.
TruthCardi B has the highest rated woman single since 2014.
LieOne of the worse celebrity drinking Game is Never Have I Ever.


Example 2

TruthSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious is NOT the longest word in English.
TruthSome words more than 3 letters when spelts backward still spell the same word.
LieA new word is added to the dictionary every day.


Example 3

TruthBlue light infringes on our ability to sleep.
TruthIn some countries it is illegal to drive and use your phone in any way.
LieThere are least 3 ways to travel over a body of water.

Our public two truths and lie categories can be accessed here. If you wish to submit personal questions that will require you to sign in or sign up and play with someone you know. Just invite them from the special link you get when signing in.

Topic       – This is the general topic the three statements submitted fall under.

Category – This is the category where we will archive all statement alike.

A simple explanation is to look at the category as a subject at a university like ‘Math101’ and the topic as a paper you have to write for that class for example ‘Why Are Fewer Students Studying Math Majors’.

Using example (2) two above the category can be ‘Words’ and the topic ‘Dictionary’. If you are unsure of the category please leave this section blank and our moderators will assign an appropriate category for the statements. Thank you for your submissions!