Choose Two Truths and a Lie Mode

This mode of Two Truths and a lie lets you play for free with a friend. Just sign up or sign in with Facebook (or any other platform of your choice). After creating your profile invite your friend and create a party! If any issues arise please contact us immediately we appreciate your cooperation.
Welcome to the online mode of Two Truths and a Lie. We have many questions from different categories. Choose which one you are most knowledgeable about and play! No sign-in or registration needed. Also, post your final high scores on Facebook!

Other Games:

Never Have I Ever is one of the best party games ever created! Usages range from a simple family game to an interesting drinking game at a party. It is quite simple to play, just ask the question, “Never Have I Ever…..”. Whoever has done the question has to drink. Usually, there is a story to tell by each person who has done the question. After, the next person asks the next question and so on and so forth, continue until it’s time to leave.

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