This Weeks Two Truths and a Lie Questions

Here are some popular Two Truths and a Lie for the week to get you guys started. Out of ideas? Pick a few from below and get started playing with a friend or significant other.


This is a really simple game to play, you will need to prepare three statements, Two of these statements will be true and one a lie. Of course, these statements don’t have to be life changing or extremely dramatic especially when starting. Share only what you are comfortable with. This game can be played with a group from 2 to over 12 individuals. You can play two truths and a lie online with a significant other as well.

    1. I have never before seen an episode of Game of Thrones.
    2. I believe all people are innocent until proven guilty.
    3. I believe all people are devious until proven innocent.
    4. Donald Trump is the greatest president Ever In my opinion.
    5. I have been Ice Skating.
    6. I was once in my Local Paper.
    7. I think the greatest series of all Time was Fringe.
    8. I am a Vegan.
    9. I love Birds.
    10. I would rather face a crocodile than a snake.
    11. I’ve Been to the Grand Canyon.
    12. I sleep only 5 hours a night.
    13. I love fish.
    14. think Lobsters are Overrated.
    15. I own a personal bee Hive.
    16. I am a Darts Champion.
    17. I have met over 4 celebrities.
    18. I Spend a few days in Vegas.
    19. Divergent is the best series ever.
    20. I have only been to the movies once.
    21. Youtube has taught me half of what I know.
    22. I am always sick
    23. I drink daily, it’s a habit now.
    24. I use BBM more than whats app
    25. I still use internet explorer.

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