Two Truths and a Lie Questions Week 2

We have another week of Two Truths and a Lie this weeks theme is technology. Out of ideas for a Geek feast? Have no fear Truth and Lie is here.


Play on-line with a friend or our random truth and lie mode. Which ever tickles your fancy. This week we will introduce some strategies for you to implement when playing with a friend.

Change it up! Don’t always give you two truths and lie in one order. Put the lie in the middle or first to help confuse your opponent.

Tell one outrageous truth and a simple lie. For example, let say u actually did try to consume a live frog. Let that be your truth. Your Lie can be something simple like I never owned a blackberry.

  1. I have broken a tablet before
  2. I have broken at least 3 cell phone
  3. I have watch explicit material on a tablet
  4. I have never been to the movies
  5. I have though of adding a tv to my vehicle
  6. My vehicle already has a hidden cam
  7. I have made a function gadget circuit
  8. I have repair an electrical appliance in my home
  9. I have ran out of gas before
  10. I was shocked by earphones before
  11. I stupidly touched an exposed telephone wire good thing the current was off
  12. I ran and skated on an electric appliance
  13. My car toolkit consist of a screw driver and nothing else
  14. I was never on a flight without tv
  15. I have been cut by an electrical appliance/gadget
  16. I proudly blast my busted speakers
  17. I am not a lover of music
  18. I have using soldering paste as cream

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