About US

Welcome to our social interactive platform Truths and Lies. This is the grandfather of Never Have Ever. My name is Dario Callender and I am the creator and founder of the website (not the game) Truths and Lie. The game ‘two truths and a lie’ has been around for quite some time.

‘Truths and Lie’ was created mid-2016 in the matter of a month. I came up with the idea when playing the verbal version of the game with an ex and we kept forgetting some of the statements and our score. Also, we had to both think of our next set of statements while answering the others statements in the attempt to keep the game going at a good pace. Also, the game required a partner which in reality may not always be available.

Having observed the methods of playing was too limited and provided no way to track scores. I created two modes a single and multiplayer version of the game. For the multiplayer version, sign up is required.

Two Truths and a Lie works best when played with 2 to 4 people of which you are close to. That makes it easier for them to guess the truths from the lies. Therefore this game works great for couples or newly dating individuals. It can also be used to help revive the spark or bring up old memories in some relationships by really showing your partner the good times you had together or how interesting you are as a person by some of the things you’ve done.

For more information on the game visit the homepage but we are here to talk about me! By profession, I am a web designer. Unfortunately, I have underutilized my skills when creating the site – don’t worry we are due for an overhaul soon. I am also a social media marketer along with but not limited to being a Search Engine Optimizer (when I have the time). That is me in a nutshell so don’t be shy to share information about yourself when signing up.